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Bair Hugger

This is a device that helps with the regulation of body temperature of patients undergoing surgery. Anesthetized patients are not able to regulate their body temperature themselves and hence this device comes in very useful. A number of lawsuits are filed against the country because the heat that was generated causes a change in the airflow that can cause the bacteria and other contaminants in the operation theater into the sterile area.
Everyone in the medical industry knows that it is important that a patient’s body temperature is maintained during a surgery. But at what cost? By using the Bair Hugger these hospitals are introducing other harmful diseases that contaminate the non-sterile parts of the operation theater in an otherwise healthy patient.

Lawsuit against Bair Hugger

There has been a rise in the number of lawsuits that have been filed and are currently being filed against the Bair Hugger System. There have also been reports of a cover up. The inventor, Scott Augustine of this device stated in 2010 that he warned the manufacturer about the risks of contamination that is associated with the use of this device. He further stated that the manufacturers kept this information under wraps so that it may not hamper its sales.

The reports filed against this device stated that

  • The air near the surgical site contains over 2000 more times the bacteria
  • There has been a 3.8 times increase in patients who developed sepsis
    i.e.blood poisoning in operation theaters that use Bair Hugger systems.
  • The reports further showed that there was a 74% decrease in the number of patients who suffered from infection when the use of the Bair Hugger System was stopped.

Alternatives to the Bair Hugger System

The only thing that we can do for those who have already suffered due to this device is to try to treat them and give them the justice that they deserve. However, for those of you who have to undergo surgery in the near future there are various alternatives that can be used instead of the Bair Hugger System.

You should always consult a doctor before any major medical procedure and discuss all your options with them. These are a few alternatives that you can ask your doctor about

  • Disposable blanket that can be placed under the sterile drapes
  • A warming pad can be placed under a patient if the procedure that they are undergoing will
    not allow for the warming blanket to be placed on the top
  • Warm intravenous fluids and irrigation


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